Review: Baby Keem – ‘The Melodic Blue’ Is As Generic As It Gets

Baby Keem ends up being outshone by his cousin in a release that makes you excited for Lamar instead.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

We don’t know what this is. That’s the only good thing to come of ‘The Melodic Blues’ which ends up sounding like a yappy hyped mess.

Keem sounds confident for the most part, where his style is indeed unique, but for all the wrong reasons. His delivery rides a wave off the back of generic releases in abundance where he mumbles his way through an album that isn’t offering anything different here and ends up sounding basic and in need of dire repair. The production though, has its moments, though ruined by a rapper who must tidy up both his delivery and add something more profound to it than what we’re being served.

The Melodic Blue‘ shows little sign of lyrical endeavour and ends up sounding more amateur than professional, evident when Lamar chimes in to distribute a wealth of talent he has persuaded listeners with for years. It is stifled by its own bravado which sadly does not carry forward into the album. You can bear witness yourself to this as present on ‘lost souls‘ where Keem says:

“Jumpin’ out the coupe, pullin’ out smooth, I’m not afraid to lose, I’ll put you on the news, t**ties on the FaceTime, let ’em out”

Yes he actually thought this was good enough to include on an album.

Though on ‘issues‘ Keem is quick to switch it up and deliver something more heartfelt, changing the direction of the album in a song that stands out from the tracklist.

Though on ‘cocoa‘ the same old story returns and continues where the rapper cries: “I’m balling with my friends, staring at the money in a trance. lil’ baby, can I be your mans? I might have to buy her OnlyFans”

On ‘family ties‘ another track featuring Lamar, Keem is once again shown up by his cousin who injects much-needed skill onto a track that is more filler than anything else saved only by a legend who knows what he is doing.

Yes, Keem is new, but this time around, he has a lot of learning to do. It will be interesting to know how and why Sony Music allowed this into their catalogue. There isn’t any excuse from a rapper who has an industry of knowledge at his disposal.

The Melodic Blue’ is a poorly constructed mess that ends up sounding as generic as everything else on the market, promoted pretty much off of Kendrick Lamar‘s name with a little help from Sony music.

Some of the production is of top quality as heard on ‘durag activity.’ But it will be great to hear a cohesive rapper jump on these instead. The upside? The quality of his music videos are all five star. That is all.

Baby Keem needs to step up his songwriting capabilities and find a flow to go with it that actually flows. As stated, the production can be ok, though it is when Baby Keem jumps on that it all goes south.

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