Climate Brief: Fires Extend Reach As Fear Takes Hold

A round up of the latest from the effects of climate breakdown across the globe.

Massive Attack cancel gigs taking stand against the arms fair.

Massive Attack are known for their solidarity efforts regarding many causes, with the arms fair their latest protest. The group cancelled a planned show at the ACC Liverpool in a stand against the venue’s refusal to remove the Electronic Warfare arms fair from their schedule.

The arms fair also takes place in London and has sparked protests at its venue following years of weapons misuse across the globe.

Massive Attack

Group member Robert Del Naja said: “The one-off testbed show planned for Liverpool involved design, planning and relationship building on a scale that dwarfs any conventional tour, so it’s really disappointing that for reasons way beyond our control we can’t pull it off. But showing solidarity with the people of Liverpool at this crucial moment supersedes that.”

“We can rearrange a testbed show, but applying a wider focus, I can’t imagine a more graphic example of the psychosis of the systems we live by than what’s playing out in Liverpool.”

He added: “On the eve of a global event that’s totally critical if we’re to avoid a catastrophic extinction event, arms barons are shop-windowing technologies that inevitably harm and incarcerate people; often in the hands of states already acknowledged to be human rights violators.”

“The International Red Cross says that the impacts of climate emergency seriously increase the risks of armed conflict, by exacerbating existing social, economic and environmental factors. In what world is that an ‘opportunity’ worth promoting? As artists, we cannot travel along with that.”

The UK government is trying to convince Xi Jinping to reform China’s climate policy

A meeting with 30 other countries will be held in New York to discuss climate objectives and to attempt to reverse the current stalemate on climate action.

China has been resilient to change regardless of the nonsensical idea of doing nothing. But it’s understood they’re not convinced due to the fact the…

British government met with fossil fuel companies as much as nine times more than renewable energy ones

An exclusive in the Guardian revealed that the the UK government met with fossil fuel companies nine times as much as clean energy ones.

Writing in the Gurdian newspaper, Fiona Harvey notes: “Ministers, including the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, and his junior ministers held only seven private meetings with renewable energy generators over the same period.”

Hottest summer ever recorded in west of the United States

Idaho, California, Nevada among others faced historic heat as the climate crisis intensified.

Average temperatures during the months of June, July and August across the west and south of the United States was 24c, inflicting forest fires, loss of life, infrastructure and homes. It is estimated the fires cost the economy more than $150 billion in California alone.

Death Valley, California reached a high of 54c.

Forest fires caused widespread panic on both sides of the Atlantic.

Spain grapples with its own forest fires as Europe contends with the reality of climate change

In the region of Estepona, four towns including Pujerra, Farajan, Juzcar and Alpandeire are battling fires that have caused widespread damage and evacuations as a five day blaze causes panic amongst its residents.

Speaking last Thursday, EU Environment chief Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius said we need to prepare for Climate Change saying: “This summer Europe has seen devastating fires and floods. Our cities need to prepare for a different future,”

“The answer has to be greener cities – cities with lower pollution, which care more for citizens’ well-being,”

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  1. […] The UK government’s two steps forward and two steps back approach sends mixed messages, which will influence apathetic attitudes amongst the public. Many are genuinely concerned by the drama unfolding before us, though with a lack of action and movement towards renewable and clean energies such as hydrogen and wind power, we are simply walking the plank. If the Prime Minister was serious about listening to scientists, his office would have gone above and beyond to invest in clean energy by now and have shunned meetings with fossil fuel companies. […]

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