Cynthia Erivo Doubles Up On ‘Ch. 1 Vs. 1’

The British singer-songwriter kicks up a glorious stink filled with narratives of wonderful storytelling.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Beginning with descriptions of what we all know and do first thing in the morning – pick up our phones, Erivo perfectly encapsulates this sentiment quickly gaining my attention.

Billed as an adult contemporary project, she’s not wrong as the themes, though not dissimilar from others, are presented in a manner far removed from her compeers.

It is simultaneously, unusually upbeat and dramatic, a feat rarely executed. Her anthem ‘The Good’ takes centre stage, detailing situations many can identify with, yet again, unusually upbeat and it works. Filled with organ reverb it will not be one to forget.

Though at times, the tempo miscalculates and can feel insincere. This is where tracks like ‘Days Off’ stifle the album’s momentum and feel feigned as opposed to the natural slick present on much of the project map.

‘Ch. 1 Vs. 1’ switches up genres at times, touching on R&B, folk and soul. Complete with metaphors of clarity, a variety of instrumentals and varying subject matter. Erivo delivers here with a bellowing of song for all, intact with clever songwriting and musical composition as detailed on songs like ‘Tears, ‘Sweet Sarah’ and ‘Hero’.

Listen below:

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