Milkavelli, Playboi Carti & Lee Scott ‘Run It’ Together

Milkavelli runs his mouth to good value alongside Lee Scott and a strangely placed Playboi Carti.

Maximising lyrical gold, Milkavelli milks a track for all its pasteurisation as he shoots out on ‘Run It‘ alongside Playboi Carti & Lee Scott. Carti is strangely placed considering the skillset of Milkavelli and in all honesty, comes across slightly out of place, punching above his weight.

Though the track works well with a hallucinatory beat that in the end comes good, albeit Carti announcing that he is indeed a US artist alongside a London one which seems to be obligatory for American rappers to say when they step across the pond. But props to the man for being open-minded, let alone choosing such a dope artist as Milkavelli to spit alongside.

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