Pollena’s ‘Running’ Breathes New Life Into Songwriting

New track ‘Running’ touches on mental health and refreshes traditional songwriting with an insane beat to match.

Love, love, love. That’s generally the baseline music is on, unless of course you’re a Hip-Hop musician. But latest release ‘Running’ by Pollena tries something new, reflecting upon her own trials stroking pent-up difficulties and stress usually frowned upon until recently.

The artist said: “This past year we’ve all been more disconnected and on edge. Sometimes it feels like we’re constantly just trying to get through it with whatever addiction helps.”

In a banal scene inspired more by trends and peer positive pressure, Pollena slaps down monotony and props up style, trading contemporary production for garage inspired circuitry.

Support the artist:

Running’ is my way of trying to make sense of this sort of relentless and unpredictable pace of life that seems sort of normal now. I’m trying to understand it and I’m trying to see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

Pollena populates our ears with something new to talk about and she is back with more to bop to. Listen to her stunning new track ‘Running’ below:

Photo: Ty Faruki

Typography: Jay Mitchell

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