Melanin 9’s ‘144,000’ Turns 13 This Week And Is Still Ahead Of Its Time

He may have retired, but the Dark Knight of the rap game continues to impress through his classic and more recent releases.

A technically and poetically gifted rapper, Melanin 9 celebrates 13 years of social chatter regarding his masterpiece ‘144,000’. Since its release, the London based rapper has collaborated with big names including Roc Marciano and Jehst, not to mention his own crew Triple Darkness.

Having spent impressive time on each record, not only does Melanin 9 have much to show for his work that exceeds the standard 1 minute mark duration for today’s songs, but its quality effortlessly transcends each year, thus indistinguishable from what year it was created.

If you haven’t heard this five star general mixtape, you can do so below. Be be warned, anything else you listen to will not live up to standard from here on.

If you’re reading this Melanin 9, get this gem on Apple Music too!

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