Bronze Nazareth: Roc Marciano Supplies ‘Ekphrasis’ As A Modern Day Boom-Bap Interlude

Full of solid beats and scholarly rhymes, Marciano kicks back on city style beach chairs.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Nazareth (Marciano) dictate conventional rhyme structures and dance on the boom-bap gold of old. It’s an impressive pillar of architecture, from its artwork to the interior.

Reminiscent of old gems like ‘Ironman’ and ‘Liquid Swords’ it’s populated by an atmosphere of impressive mood. Although it fails in providing something for everyone, it still offers a platter that all Hip-Hop heads will appreciate.

The Precipice’ and ‘Papayas ‘21’ are stand out tracks with some genius snatchings of sample use including flutes, bass and snare. The project has a suitable amount of feature use including appearances from Killah Priest and Kevlar 7.

Overall, it’s a solid album deserving of a listen though falls short on occasion. It’s worth purchasing for its verbal delivery alone. Listen below:

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