Lowkey Drops New Single – “Neoliberalism Kills People”

Lowkey has long been a provider of socially mindful Hip-Hop, and this time he brings more of the same.

The UK based MC unveils new song “Neoliberalism Kills People” and has many excited about what the rapper may return with. It jumps in deep with interesting new material jumpstarted by quotes from the author Naomi Klein, best known for her most recent work regarding ecological breakdown and anthropogenic climate change.

The rapper effuses sombre deliveries over an organ plugged production, and the video embeds visuals assisting emotive language that targets the track title’s message.

As well-meaning as his latest transmission is, the music video unnecessarily distracts with intermittent clips of Lowkey’s activist work, mainly addressing crowds wedged in between photographs and tapes of conflict and historical imagery. The inclusion is excessive, and because of this, we recommend listeners examine the song’s components without it. Furthermore, mastering of the track lacks in grade, particularly the vocals. I am not sure what happened here, but a better studio treatment would benefit someone of Lowkey’s calibre.

“Neoliberalism Kills People’s” content is well-deserving of recognition, but several marketing choices regarding the video’s content, alongside poor mastering, have let down a rapper deserving of a better platform to deliver a unique skill and much needed humanitarian statements. As discussed, stream the music, not the video. This track overwhelms, but the visuals – not so much.

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