Review: Scrulove – “Missed Calls From Jupiter”

Mr Scru does it again with a party bucket full of exemplary production and dope rhymes.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Another year, another album from the man known as Scrulove. The London rapper/producer released yet another album, proclaiming not long ago that he was going to do it within a short amount of time. One thing that effuses talent is the ability to execute a plan with quality and deliver to deadlines. Scrulove would find the confines of a record deal suitable to his work rate, the pressures of which, to him, would be that of making your morning coffee.

Opening with ‘Shinigami‘, Scrulove lays out a familiar sound with priceless flows and written capabilities. His style continues to remind me of Outkast, with precision like skill as everything Scrulove divulges appears to be intentional coming across sincere and delectable.

An instant impact is made upon listening to ‘Missed calls from Jupiter‘ but the unleashing of autotune, which, as I have specified in the past, has been used repetitively by a lot of artists without just cause.

It began in the ’80s/90s, and has since, not been used rightly by most artists. In Hip-Hop, it requires a song with a specific set of parameters to be executed correctly, with only 3 songs that come to mind that do – the chorus of ‘California love‘, Puff Daddy’s ‘Is this the end? pt.2′ featuring Twista and Kanye’s ‘Love lockdown‘. Its continual fusion with contemporary Hip-Hop has overcooked a scene lacking in differentiation due to its persisted use and is like beating a dead horse. Subtle additions can of course work though.

As we move onto later tracks such as ‘Don’t worry about me‘ the ante is upped with appropriate use of features, which I could liken to a posse cut. ‘Running shoes‘ picks up the baton resuming with the usual Scrulove particulars with incredible production.

Talking over films‘ is a personal favourite where the artist brushes strokes of production and vocal delivery that can immerse you in a sound that could easily drip threads of pop to listeners with alternate preferences of music.

Ultimately, ‘Missed calls from Jupiter’ hits the spot though borrows a lick of paint from some tired on the nose sounds such as autotune and there is a lack of a promo single. Some of the tracks lack longevity such as “Don’t worry about me” and the album’s title track, which stops just as they get going. Some tracks last just over 2 minutes, equating to more of a preview than song.

Where could Scrulove go next? – Everywhere. We would love to see him beat out some new kicks as heard on ‘Since you want to die‘ and cross paths with artists you wouldn’t neccesarily associate him with.

Scrulove’s latest offering could easily be pounded out at a party but it finishes before it begins. Otherwise, ‘Missed calls from Jupiter’ is just waiting to be discovered and is full of juicy pick ‘n’ mix motifs that cultivate a fun listen.

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