Review: Nas – ‘Magic’ Is Spellbinding. Rapper Announces ‘King’s Disease III’

Magic acts as a bookmark for the rapper’s standing in the game.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Magic‘ is a short but sweet album jam-packed with a fermentation of rhymes and classic boom-bap beats that don’t aim to prove anything, just send a message that Nas is having fun doing what he does. Magic comes at a moment in time, not to offer a product for labels, but to add to the designer brand and catalogue of Nas.

It follows on from the release of his August 2021 album ‘King’s Disease II‘ shortlisted for the upcoming Grammy Awards for ‘Best Rap Album‘.

Magic‘ is in many ways very different from Nas’ recent projects, though stands apart for many reasons. One is the fluency with which it carries rhyme over production, generating a more flamboyant Nas that paints the artist with newfound respect from us. Without deadlines or air of overthinking, the artist has managed to be himself and stands apart from his earlier outing, which was dope but nowhere near ‘Magic’ (excuse the pun). Though shorter, it demands consideration from the uninitiated and applause from critics for doing something no other Hip-Hop artist is doing right now…putting the Hip-Hop back into Hip-Hop.

Bopping this album promotes a mach of experiences. One of which is the mind on a late-night cruise around the city on New Year’s eve. Magic is a masterclass in rhyme and Ho-Hop.

Addendum: With each album, Nas ensures there is a release version for all forms of listeners, from radio to young Hip-Hop heads making certain there is a clean edit without explicit language. One more thing to admire the man for, but also secures everyone and anyone can play his music in front of their kids, parents etc which no doubt reserves more listens and revenue. Take note upcoming artists.

Elsewhere, long time frequent collaborator Hit-Boy announced the third instalment of the King’s Disease saga tweeting:

Listen below:

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