Nolay Anchors New Single ‘From Nothing To Something’

Having consistently imprinted her sound on an audience expecting more and more from the London rapper, Nolay does just that.

The industry is now a flagrant parody of itself, with a multitude of artists doing their best to ensure the legacy of the decade remains known for robotic autotuned voices and imitation beats now cyclical among artists. That is the way of the social media musician and Nolay was here long before that and thus, gives little thought to what others are doing in the age of mimetic desire.

The product of such processes are the provision of more than adequate verses paired with excellent production founded by gritty snares and string samples that rotate along with verbiage laid down by the rapper.

Intense vocalisations mimicked by its production make ‘From Nothing To Something‘ the standard all rappers should aspire to. Nolay is now the, if not, has always been the standard.

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