R.A.E.’s New Single ‘Imposter’ Shows She’s The Real Thing

The resident feel-good enabler creates a new canvas to air a side of vulnerability not seen before. One we can all relate to.

The 27-year-old hits us with a new joint airing the mental hurdles she has experienced, no doubt inspired by her career. In an Instagram post, the singer sounded off saying: “It was hard. I had the constant triggers of self-doubt. Couldn’t face the world so kept my head low”….Struggling to identify who I was.”

Her latest offering returns with an early ’90s smooth ride and having grown up in this era we can safely say we identify with the audio aesthetic. But ‘Imposter‘ is so much more than that. It is a rough yet accepting letter to not just herself, but others living with the jagged edges of imposter syndrome. A beautiful song, different, yet retains R.A.E.’s identity in the face of such honesty.

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