Nemahsis “I’m not gonna kill you” opens conversation to inspire and educate

Toronto based artist drops new EP with stunning new song “I’m not gonna kill you.”

Having experienced a difficult moment on board a flight from Toronto to Los Angeles, Nemahsis recalls the difficulties faced by many Muslims on her latest release.

“A middle-aged 6’3 man threatened by my existence, 5 foot nothing girl with a cloth over her head.”

Nemahsis pens her ordeal with fluidity recounting experiences many Muslims can identify with:

“I know most people check the weather, I check to see how many people look like me”

The trauma of societal rejection effectuated by media and governmental bias has been documented to a poignant degree with songwriting of an effective calibre. Nemahsis has done in one song what many have struggled to voice:

“You feel lеss threatened with my hood up
But еven then I see you switching seats again
Thought I wouldn't notice”

Not only did she drop an impressive song complete with powerful vocals but it was also delivered with an equally incredible visual. Her latest EP ‘eleven archers’ is out now on all major streaming services.

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