Latest IPCC report on Climate Change gives a definitive cut-off point for fossil fuel use

New report warns that action must be taken now to prevent further damage to worldwide ecological systems.

The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on climate change) report warns we must act now if we’re to prevent a catastrophic runaway disaster. We’re already witnessing year on year devastation on a global scale that includes flooding, extreme heat, drought, famine and war brought about by Climate Change.

“It’s now or never” said Professor Jim Skea of Imperial College London and co-chair of the group that worked on the report. “…if we want to limit global warming to 1.5C. Without immediate and deep emissions reductions across all sectors, it will be impossible.”

If we’re to prevent immeasurable environmental destruction caused by heightened climatic changes, mitigation has to come now and the peak of fossil fuel use must finish before “2025.”

The report says we must see “a substantial reduction in overall fossil fuel use” to prevent ecological failure brought about by catastrophic climate change. The movement away from fossil fuels has been severely disrupted by lobbyists who pay United States senators to support them in congress. The exact same problem transpired within the United Kingdom. A recent example is Priti Patel‘s “donation” of £100,000 from Andurand Ventures Ltd, a capital management firm specialising in the oil and energy industry.

It seems we’re still fighting on the battlegrounds to tip the logic of policymakers into a realm of logical choice. The shortsighted restrictions of lawmakers have been a limiting factor for ventures in renewable energy, with many focused on the short term for personal gain rather than looking beyond our current smoke filled horizon.

We’re of course some years away from perfecting carbon capture technologies, though renewable technology such as wind, solar and hydro energy are packed and ready to go. Opponents to renewables argue that the waste wind and solar tech may cause could be equally damaging. It is yet another argument posed by pro-fossil fuel lobbyists with no weight. But recycling their properties is an industry itself opening another pathway for the green industry.

As bleak as things sound, we now know what to do in order to curb defeat and make strides toward solutions of a sustainable nature. Having a concrete deadline enshrined in the latest report means we can now make tangible efforts based on factual results with a means to galvanise not just the public, but the government too. And by that, we mean vote them out before they waste yet another 5 years of progress.

Photograph: Jakarta by World Bank

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