‘Strawberries n cream’ by Rodel is a slice from the industry’s facet

Invigorating display of production scintillates with vocals of an ethereal kind.

Gently compressing her work into an intriguing concept, Rodel has been perfecting her craft for sometime now. She found her feet early on, having featured on ‘Haich Ber Na’s’ EP. With an air of mystery attached to her music, it’s particularly apparent on her latest drop.

With a complex make up of work, this time around Rodel steps into full Pop mode on ‘Strawberries n cream’. It is the latest production from the London based singer-songwriter, who also took her brush to creating the music on this one.

“I have been holding onto this song for a while so I’m elated for people to hear it now”

And worth the wait it is. “Strawberries n cream” provides an interesting mix of relaxed production, synths and light percussion. It is the sort of track you can pump on a road trip. I can almost see a stream of pink when listening to this through a mixing of the title’s ingredients.

‘Strawberries n cream’ is out now on all major platforms and is a preview to Rodel’s upcoming EP.

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