Video: Kendrick Lamar Returns With ‘The Heart Part 5’

The living legend storms back into the scene on a Jazz/funk-infused beat for ‘The Heart part 5

Latest drop from the incredible Hip-Hop figure sees him utilise deep-fake technology on a simple one camera set-up interpolating a growing and contentious subject.

Listen to ‘The Heart Part 5’

As one of the first and only rappers to thrust such a technology to the centre of a music video, don’t let it distract you from a seasoned artist capable of still delivering powerful verses enshrined by a distinguishable flow. But still, Kendrick Lamar has no doubt partnered a video that is almost as important as the song itself.

Being one of the only musicians to remain within a reinvented state without compromising on style, Lamar offers artistic expression within a web of meaning.

Watch the video below:

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