Eva B drops dope new track ‘Rozi’

The Pakistani rapper has been making waves for some time now.

Eva B effuses incredible flows and wordplay alongside distinctive vocals that spell her name out with style.

Her latest ‘Rozi’ delivered entirely in the Urdu language features in Disney’s latest Marvel outing ‘Ms Marvel’ and is co-written with Gingger Shankar who said of the track:

“The track is done in Urdu, which for a mainstream Marvel series to do is fantastic. I’ve always been a fan of Marvel, but if you had told me five years ago that we would be doing an Urdu hip-hop track with Pakistani and Indian influences for a Pakistani female superhero, I wouldn’t have believed it! ‘Rozi’ is an anthem for women’s empowerment and Eva B delivers. Eva and I worked on it through the pandemic between Los Angeles and Pakistan and are thrilled for folks to see its debut on Ms. Marvel.”

Listen below:

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