Symba gives us adrenaline shots on new single “Don’t Condone 2”

Some rappers deserve trophies, others need a reality check. Symba is one that needs neither but deserves the former.

Having become part of the Hip-Hop DNA years ago, the rapper certified himself as a glue for the enzymes of a community in dire need of new and unrefurbished stock. While providing content of a quality nature, avoiding gimmicks and red lines that bring other rappers into question, Symba is happy with the certainty of his own metronome firing off more than dope rhymes over slick beats. It is the CPR to Hip-Hop we need.

While it is now the norm to reinvent yourself according to trends, Symba rides by his own code, flipping his style up as much as possible from one track to the next, honouring not only elementary Hip-Hop components but a flare for brooding the contemporary ingredients needed to pursue Hip-Hop in the modern-day.

Don’t Condone 2” is the follow-up to “GOAT“, a world-class exhibition of metaphor, storytelling, flow and complexity within the simplicity of multiple audience demographics. It seems Symba just wakes up and goes. His rhymes are his language, but ultimately beyond description.

Official music video for “Don’t Condone 2

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