Climate: Our sandwich boards and megaphones will need to be amplified

The week’s heatwave is nothing short of expected. We ought to heed the warnings of an uncomfortable day that set properties on fire and sent us to a valium-filled living standard.

Today feels like winter by comparison. Though, on Monday and Tuesday, we tried everything we could to shield ourselves and our loved ones from the exhaustion of heat decay.

As the sun shined on our homes, workplaces and roads absorbing heat which ultimately radiated outward to produce ambient temperatures that broke records of years gone by, we suffered greatly at the expense of a culture that exudes the opposite of a ‘buy it nice or buy it twice’ psyche. Our wasteful mentalities catapult environmental decline, dramatically dissolving our capacity for living safely on our planet. We are carrying a false notion that we can throwaway Earth due to some imaginary replacement in stock somewhere else.

40.3 Celsius is the number we will all remember. A round number less forgettable than the 38.7 Celsius set in 2019. But one thing set it apart from prior years of discontent. Wildfires were ablaze throughout the country, and despite their origins, anthropogenic climatic changes were the main driver expediting scorched arid tinder fuelled by an ignorance set up by a ‘for the cameras’ government.

For so long, the British government remained dormant on such topics, instead, propping up the very insidious criminals who catalysed this madness. This week, their inherent greed struck out as an omen of the danger of societal collapse and depression. In just two days, climate decline choked cognition and laid the carpet for a disastrous future. Instead of heeding the warnings of a civilisation pursued by a cliff’s edge of annihilation, they are, instead, still chasing green slips of paper formed by ideologues without foresight.

In the years to come, we must prepare for a bumpy ride if technological innovative ideas and execution are not sought.

Britain is now a warm country. The invasive Yellow-legged Scorpion is expanding its reach, Praying Mantids have been spotted in the UK and we are now seeing odd and extreme weather more often than not. Splashing the cash on solutions to climate change is our only option, and our sandwich boards have been saying that for some time.

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