Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ is more filler than thriller

Living with the theatric, Beyoncé once again signals her release through social media dropping an irrelevant mess.


Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Without a doubt, Beyoncé’s vocals and delivery can be (on her day) an incredible feat to be heard. But on ‘Renaissance’, her style and delivery feels betrayed by a will to be relevant at the expense of her zone of influence.

Beyoncé – ‘Break my soul’

Chock full of clubby repetitious works, it may hit the mark for Beyoncé fans who will welcome whatever she drops regardless of quality. But ‘Renaissance’, misses its point to be anything but it’s title, resurrecting nothing short of ‘90s house vibes you look back on with nostalgia and giggle.

She’s tried something new, but it feels as though this release is a remix album designed not to be included in her official discography. Honestly, Beyoncé deserves better from whoever is advising her, because this isn’t it and hasn’t been for a long while.

One thing is for sure, this album will brood nostalgia and that’s it.

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