Josh Vine shows us the ‘Real World’ on new track taken from upcoming album

Raw guitar work and vocals sizzle us further than we already have been in this heat.

With a busy schedule and some hard work, Josh Vine is beginning to make a name for himself with a regular update from what he’s been getting up to in the studio.

Having already dropped three singles, Josh slaps down a fourth with confidence signaling a variety of sound and a preview of what’s to come.

After pressing play, anxious ballads of creamy sound split our ears open to intense effect with narratives of solace and collective angst.

Classy rhythms pound around like a ricocheting bullet melding to come together via snares, strings and vibrant guitar leads we shall call ‘Joshing’.

There’s no doubting this man’s talent and there’s no doubting his forthcoming album is going to be a masterpiece.

Listen below:

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