Ignorance is bliss for the British – why people are angry about the monarchy

There are reasons for the anger felt across the country.

Photograph: taken during the British created Bengal famine.

The UK’s empire has, to this day, far reaching consequences. Racism and prejudice in the present are a direct result of what it did, and the Royal family is a continuing representation of the consternation many people of colour feel today.

Any attempts to discuss heritable trauma and the hurtful actions of prejudiced Britons carried out against people of colour are continually shut down. Recent events make this the right time to discuss past actions of a British government still eager to represent the pomp and pageantry of a bygone age, one that goads nationalists and conservatives into assaulting people of colour both physically and psychologically. Owing to this, white people will never understand the paranoia, the hurt and mistrust we have of others due to imperial actions.

This trauma is embedded in our DNA, no matter how much we try to rid ourselves of it. Instead, we are constantly shut down and mentally abused as if we are out of our minds. But the lack of understanding from an overwhelmingly and predominantly white British Isles, unwilling to sit down and discuss this subject, parrying it away, is proof in itself that this issue is very real.

The cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is not new, though it has been exacerbated in recent times by mindful decisions of the current government to “cut the green crap”. Its refusal to invest in public services and infrastructure could have lessened the blow of recent international events and its reluctance is now painfully evident for all to see.

People are angry at, for one, how the cost of living crisis was labelled by the BBC (our state broadcaster) – “insignificant” due to the Queen’s death, despite the cost of keeping a Royal Family in the UK, the cost of a funeral etc. This makes it harder to process the current economic situation for many. So until the government, governmental and allied national media can understand this, angry Britons will remain in their many.

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