Brexit unchained – Liz Truss’ party have lost the next election

Britain (now without the Great) has experienced real uncertainty in the past six years. Thanks to Liz Truss, and within the space of one week the country is rapidly declining.

It is fair to say that Brexit has been fully unleashed. And what can be more unraveling and revealing of someone than the way in which they treat others.

The government, led by Liz Truss, has amalgamated an extensive assault on the poor, vulnerable and working class further than the burning of homes driven by prior administrations offered by the Tory party.

The pound has crashed, the markets have spiraled out of foresight and confidence in Britain as a leading financial hub has been withdrawn thanks to the GCSE economics put forth by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, who, I might add, visited bankers in the city for champagne following the roll out of his so-called mini-budget which saw former pal Crispin Odey profit £200m+ from the falling of the pound. This could be grounds for investigation as insider trading, but surprise surprise, no further action has been taken.

Further to the turmoil spread unto the bread of British GDP, Conservatives throughout the country have been rattling 1800s workhouse rhetoric to full effect, asking you, the public, to foot the bill for their disastrous exploits. Blaming the poor for Britain’s demise (and not exiting the European Union), Tory party culture is poisoning the very survival of not just a country, but its people.

Speaking to Sky News’ Sophy Ridge today, Conservative MP Jake Berry said: “People know when they get their bills, they can either cut their consumption or get higher salaries or higher wages and go out there and get that new job,”

He added: “That’s the approach the government is taking in trying to create growth”

A short while later, Prime Minister Liz Truss was stumped when posed a question by BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg who asked “how many people voted for your plan?” before responding: “I don’t understand your question”. This is the Prime Minister! The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the country’s leader, unable to answer, or at least lie about a question. However, Kuenssberg is right to ask this, considering less than 0.2% of the country voted for her.

Former Finance & Foreign Minister for Finland, Alexander Stubb remarked “We all knew Brexit was a colossal mistake, but that it would lead to this scale of political and economic mayhem was beyond our wildest imagination. Europe and the world needs the UK on so many fronts. Please get a grip and fix it. We need you back.”

Liz Truss’ lack of foresight and leadership could be the fatal ingredient to wipe out Tory existence. The Conservatives have indeed lost the next election, with the Labour Party now leading current polls by 50% and Conservatives languishing at 20%, something not seen since Tony Blair’s tenure of landslide victories.

This is but the tip of the iceberg considering the Conservative Party conference has only just begun. The aforementioned and vile comments made by just two party members are evidence in itself that the UK is living below volcanic shifts of political manure provoked by an inexperienced government. The scariest part? She doesn’t and couldn’t care less about the outcome.

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