Danger Mouse & Black Thought drop new video for ‘Belize’ ft MF DOOM

Monochromatic visuals shot in guerilla format showcase the minimalism of filmmaking.

Featuring the vocals of the legendary MF DOOM, both Black Thought & Danger Mouse slap the rhythm of rhyme once again over DM’s latest production.

Taken from their collaborative effort ‘Cheat codes’, the duo recruits the posthumous skillset of MF DOOM resulting in nothing short of beautiful art. Featuring a haunting beat alongside the well-paired rhyme schemes of both rappers, ‘Belize‘ is sitting well with the Hip-Hop community so far, and although it’s not something you’d expect to be offered as a promo single for the album, it is definitely one to be eaten up by intelligence hunters of lyricism out there.

Aside from the obvious (that this is a dope tune), the video is as haunting as the music itself with limited cuts, preferring to stare down the barrel of a documentary/guerilla shooting style, which executes well. The two occupy one side of the room looking towards the other side as if to give it up to the ghost of MF DOOM. Video below:

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