Mt Wolf delivers an EP that sounds more OST

With a plethora of music out there right now, Mt Wolf slips in an antidote.

Their new EP titled ‘Tayrona EP‘ features some delectable production including the vocals of Stanisland favourites Solomon Grey, Akacia and Wilsen.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The four-track EP starts as it means to go on showing off indie-country, electronic and soulful bouts of singer-songwriter material. What else can you expect from a talented group of musicians? Commencing with ‘Tayrona‘ it features the soft voices of Wilsen alongside acoustic and soft snares emoting fiery narratives for intrigue of another. It then leads into the well-known single ‘Anna Maria‘ glistening with vocals laid down by Joe Wilson.

Sennen‘ once again lifts us into a euphoric listen with the featuring of singer ‘Akacia‘ before outro’ing with the semi-instrumental ballad ‘Baja‘.

Listen below:

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