‘Yiska’ slaps for the best in new Scrulove drop

The veteran lyricist/beat maker offers up some kipper for the winter.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Vibrant, nostalgic and trend altering work has reprimanded the Hip-Hop world through the ventures and misadventures of Hip-Hop eccentric ‘Scrulove’.

With new album ‘Yiska’ dropping full of colourful anecdotes and lyrically charged deliveries containing much equity, the multitalented Hip-Hop brain box has formerly announced his arrival. Recounting times lived with his ‘Tamagotchi’ Scrulove validates an impressive array of songwriting and beat-smithing together with incredible storytelling ability.

Ruminating on life events such as the difficulties faced caring for his mother, mental health and poking fun at himself – the artist touches on almost every subject matter one can think of. While the only issue felt on this album are short song durations and a lack of production variety, you’ll be in for a treat if you’re into clubby beats with deep kicks.

Scrulove is famous for giving himself tight deadlines to produce work and if this is what he can provide in such a short moment, it will be nothing short of magnificent to witness the result of something with additional time. As humble as he is, it’s not a stretch to begin calling him a GOAT in waiting and with a ceremony of fruitfully deadly lyricism you have an album you can’t go wrong with.

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