Teakyz releases two singles ‘Lucid ride’ and ‘Magic’

New music contemplates lockdown with affectionate spirit.

“It’s like magic..” is how ‘Magic’ (produced by Zhuez) begins, and the track is nothing short of that. Twinned with a synchronized release of ‘Lucid ride’ (produced by JVNTG) Teakyz follows up debut ‘Garden flow’ with a barrage of melodies that hit the spot for anyone who felt an indifference during the confinement of lockdown and the subsequent emotional fallout it left many reeling with.

Both tracks remedy an era filled with distasteful options for music by plating our ears in a restful yet, spirited mode of delivery. Gently flourishing from the start, there is something cinematic about both tracks, especially ‘Magic’. But where ‘Lucid ride’ differs, is by route of a spiritually and musically edified experience. Spoilt for choice, you’re best to flip a coin to choose which one to listen to first.

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