M Huncho delivers unremarkable single ‘See No Evil (Run It Up)’

Wildly generic song shows little progress.

There’s something to be said of autotune. Its excessive use is destabilized by its lack of originality and its frequent employment has become a problematical appointment within the music scene. When an artist takes on said style as a constant, it can become mundane to the point a record is turned off before it has begun.

That was the reaction at first when beginning to listen to M Huncho’s latest ‘See No Evil (Run It Up). And if autotune were to provide some glimmer of differentiation, then maybe it’s dispatch would be to the benefit of the music scene. But it’s uniform sound turns artistes into imperceptibly inaudible identities. This is not the only thing to have landed here. Even the production curated by M Huncho lacks variance within its genre, bending it to nothing more than generic poor taste from start to finish.

Photo: Sully @_Sullman

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