De La Soul tease ability to stream full catalogue of music

Trio reveals the date you can stream their full catalogue of albums following clearance of music samples.

The legendary group De La Soul has put out a teaser for access to their earlier works, using a Hip-Hop take on a nursery classic. And classic is the name of the game here, as one of Hip-Hop’s pioneers in aiding commercialisation and accessibility to the genre, they’re finally unveiling their back catalogue of music including the well-loved ‘3 Feet High and Rising’.

The music was previously unavailable due to legal constraints caused by contract specificity as the vast majority of De La Soul’s works contained music samples. When the samples were originally green-lit for use in 1989; it pointed to use on cassette and vinyl only, failing to account for the unforeseeable rise of digital streaming platforms in the future. The parent record label of Tommy Boy, ‘Warner Bros’ debated whether it would yield financial results failing to understand the impact of the group’s work; another example of the divide between talent and compartmentalised corporate divisions.

The group have also announced the release of a 7-inch vinyl in celebration of the drop for ‘The Magic Number’, an instantly memorable household song. One so significant, even your grandma will recognise it, proving how influential De La Soul has been for as long as Hip-Hop hands have graced music’s clock face.

De La Soul’s full catalogue will be available to stream everywhere on the 3rd of March 2023.

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