Five-star movies: ‘The Ring’ (2002) silently demands appreciation

It is still the subject of debate and because of this, is highly misunderstood.

Horror movies are rarely executed well and for all the debate that permeates the genre, there is one misunderstood topic shunned to the back of discourse on the subject. Horror movies are not like any other genre of film. Like a lightbulb, they’re generally looked at as such and nothing more. However, it is full of spectrums, filaments and other components that offer varied degrees of enjoyability. This lies in its subgenres varying from dark, psychological, and gothic to comedic and lighthearted.

Though the movie we are discussing today touches none of these and asks simply to be appreciated for what it is – a movie masterpiece presenting itself as a horror film, though it is much more.

Filled with beautifully crafted cinematography, it can be easy to forget that its director, Gore Verbinski, is responsible for the blockbuster movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘. He possesses a resume showcasing he is a master of switching between genres, able to understand well the projects he is tasked with, something he accomplished competently with ‘The Ring‘.

Starring a lesser-known Naomi Watts (at the time), it was most likely this element that gave viewers the heebie-jeebies, as to create a horror movie with substance, casting unknowns fills the head with the irrational feeling that the characters are in genuine danger.

The plot sees a mysterious videotape come to be known as ‘the cursed tape’ unleash devasting consequences seven days from the time of watching it. Following the death of her niece, Rachel (played by Naomi Watts) a journalist is asked by her sister to seek out answers surrounding her odd passing. Sure enough, she comes across the videotape which is when her life, and her family’s life, become endangered by its contents.

The Making of ‘The Ring’ (2002)

The Ring is generally thought of as a horror movie, and it is. However, there is much more to it than just genre pigeonholing. It is a story of life, loss and the knock-on effects they may have. Loaded with metaphors, fragmented psychological detail and foreshadowing to its utmost (though tastefully implemented) threshold, there is no short of ‘I wonder what that could mean’ moments when diving into this movie.

From start to finish, its atmospheric canvas threads together an enormity of astute ominous sentiment leading many to question the story’s lore further than what has already been divulged by the director. Its stand-out feature has to be its exquisite cinematography, which is laced with intelligent and purposefully planned storyboards. Not only this, but its location scouting is perfect. In fact, you could watch this movie without a script and still be entertained by its enchanting visuals that in still form, are works of art.

But don’t let me spoil it for you. Perhaps rent it? Though the Blu-Ray provides additional content you will want to see.

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