Jehst drops new video for ‘Lonely World’

The legendary British rapper reveals new music depicting a dark future.

As dark as the underground scene can be at times, there is a fetter of excellence in artistry that rarely sees the light of popularity. The reasoning for this is largely due to social media offering a platform to all, which is, good, though sometimes makes it difficult to sift through the wreckage of wasted material. Jehst though, is rather different in that regard.

Though it can be difficult to listen to the more gloomy side of the Hip-Hop world, it offers a gripping listen you wish to save for certain occasions. But Jehst is an artist both of, and not of such persuasion.

His rhyme schemes and skillful wordplay have always entertained the cerebellum, letting us bop the anatomical part of the body that signals approval for the sounds of one of Hip-Hop’s finest. Jehst has somehow been able to elevate himself above the organism that is music production en-masse releasing a steady stream of quality beats and rhymes.

On Lonely World, the artist paints a bleak picture of times wasted and what is yet to come. Sporting a Tyvek suit, a nod to his 2005 EP Nuke Proof Suit, he wanders a desolate landscape in search of what we can only assume are survival supplies. Featuring the talented CW Jones & SINDYSMAN, the track is a promo in anticipation of a forthcoming album titled ‘Mork Calling Orson’.

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