Chisara Agor questions reality on new single ‘Anonymous’

Agor pushes boundaries with new energetic track sampling prior artistic works.

Good things take time, and that is what we have received today. The multidisciplinarian we all adore Chisara Agor (and yes we know that rhymes) is a beacon of artistry, taming intent to release music with a purpose. As with prior works, her signature style remains intact with slight shifts that ask listeners to recognise with distinction her idiosyncratic style that only she can bear to ignite. The outcome? Remarkable.

Anonymous is taken from her upcoming release titled Shadows And Searchlights, born from a sample loop recorded for another project You Are There And Not There. Featuring noticeably pungent percussion, piercing vocal arrangements and exceptional strings, it is one to add to its own playlist so you can repeat it until your ears dry up.

The song was written, arranged and produced by Agor with additional production by VVilhelm.

Anonymous is available to stream from the 26th of January on all major streaming platforms, but you can listen to her prior works below or you can follow her Instagram:

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