Ash Olsen plans to take the UK with ‘Crazy B**ch’

New on the block, Ash Olsen gives more tasters for a full course to come.

Following on from the exciting single ‘Boring’ the Norwegian singer/rapper is anything but that on her latest unapologetic track Crazy B**ch. Olsen blends a subtle amniotic accent of autotune alongside a production upheld by guitar. Speaking on the track, Olsen explains the meaning behind her new release: “CRAZY B**CH!’ is about people trying to use you for money and fame and act a type of way that is just cruel because she/he/they want something from you. It’s pretty much as simple as that.”

Lauded as one of the most exciting acts to come out of Norway, the proof is in the pudding here with a thrilling bout of deliveries and vocal variety on show catering to a wide faction of music lovers. Having been nominated by the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammys for a number of awards, it’s no wonder she has the ear of her critics when studying her latest drop.

With a string of performances scheduled for the spring across the UK, Olsen is pumping out track after track of quality, so it’s best to become familiar with her work now before she lands.

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