Ice Spice releases a bland EP with ‘Like..?’

The 23 year old rapper reveals new work in the shape of an EP.

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

There’s no doubt she is an intriguing persona, especially as her popularity doesn’t seem to match her skill. So when Ice Spice (real name Isis Gaston) dropped her new EP Like..? there was a scramble to listen to her latest release.

Despite being one of the most talked about rappers right now, her debut can only be described as an overhyped effort blended with beats that have no substance. And just when you feel she is about to spit some bars of fire, the moment withers faster than a breeze in summer. The effort does not deserve good marks either, considering Like..? lasts no more than 12/13 minutes long.

With remodeled drill-esque beats and a pinch of grime lathered light on snares for the most part, its production often felt like a washing machine rotating without significant desire and Ice Spice can’t save it from oblivion. Her relaxed delivery, mostly out of time and without effort pours more oil onto a beat stack that seems more hobbyist than it is professional.

That said, as good as her PR is, this record cannot be saved from the repetitive content on offer, already cut by alternative acts on the market. Though, she gets props for not using autotune, but I am not sure she will come harder for her next release considering much of her delivery sounds unrehearsed, rushed and at times out of sync with the production.

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