Late review: Megan – a movie to watch if you’re bored

This is a case of the marketing being better than the movie. This is a practically spoiler-free review.


Rating: 2 out of 5.

There isn’t much you can say without spoiling the plot and outcome of Megan, though expected if an acceptable critique is to be written.

Hopes were high in the lead up to its release with flawless PR deployed to raise its profile (albeit its frustratingly annoying Twitter profile). It isn’t often we get a film with an original story, and although it isn’t the first of its kind, the aesthetics on show in just the trailer proved to be above acceptable. A blend of CGI and practical effects struck a good balance with largely unknown actors and actresses on show.

Other pros in this include a screen thread of the increasing behavior of parental pass the buck. You may have noticed more children in push chairs and prams glued to phones and iPads, something Megan highlights perfectly when she is taken away from a screaming Caddy.

Both tonal composition and lighting add to what it hoped to achieve but as the movie went on, it becomes less and less remarkable and more comical.

In a sense, if it weren’t for its blend of striking animated and practical effects it would have faired worse. Beginning as a four, it slowly declined to a two with a tame offering for what was billed as a horror. We were told it wasn’t going to be like Chucky, but it turned out like Chucky and ultimately, Megan was more sci-fi thriller than horror. At the time of watching I can think of better things I could have been doing, so maybe boredom will make this movie better.

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