Slowthai releases punk inspired ‘Selfish’

Rapper explores a new sound with interesting results.

It’s definitely one that will grow on those who are uninterested in the punk sound, but rapper Slowthai’s attempt proves a remedy of a spectrum he enters on the eve of a new album drop.

The new album titled ‘Ugly’ an acronym for ‘U Gotta Love Yourself’ appears as a tattoo on the artist’s cheek. He said of the release: “It doesn’t matter what or who people think you are, you’ve just got to stay true and respect yourself,”…“I have UGLY tattooed on my face because it’s a reminder to love myself, rather than put myself down constantly or feel the impression people have of me should determine who I am as a person.”

As mentioned, in anticipation of his new album drop, Slowthai, real name Tyron Frampton, published a new video for the lead single Selfish. Frampton remarked on his own selfishness regarding those close to him saying: “I want to be there for them but I’m always striving, working, reaching further.”

Twisting a mix of vocalisations that include both singing and spitting, the track’s instrumental is highlighted by a fury of thumps of heavy bass and metal strings.

To promote the new single, Slowthai spent 24 hours in isolation within a transparent room he used to shoot the video.

The tracklist for the new album is available on all streaming platforms (and below) and is out March 3rd via Method Records/Interscope Records.

Track list release for ‘oUGLY’:

01. ‘Yum’
02. ‘Selfish’
03. ‘Sooner’
04. ‘Feel Good’
05. ‘Never Again’
06. ‘Fuck It Puppet’
07. ‘HAPPY’
08. ‘UGLY’
09. ‘Falling’
10. ‘Wotz Funny’
11. ‘Tourniquet’
12. ‘25% Club’

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