Israeli raid on Jenin refugee camp claims 10 lives

Decades of colonial violence continue as wounds gape and lives are lost.

The Israeli army carried out a large scale raid in the Jenin refugee camp, West Bank, which ended in 10 people being killed.

Of the 10 killed, 9 were resident of Jenin, while another was shot by Israeli forces north of Jerusalem in the town of Al-Ram.

The killings have been described as “a massacre” with 20 more people wounded. The Israeli authorities have been accused of obstructing medics and ambulances with the health ministry stating one person, Saeb Azriqi, 24, died as a consequence of his injuries in hospital.

According to locals, the Israeli army fired tear gas in the direction of the hospital, largely in the area of the children’s ward.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh, a spokesperson for the Palestinian authority said: “As of now it will not be enforced,” he told a press conference in Ramallah, adding the move was in response to repeated aggressions against Palestinians and violation of the international law by Israel.”

As a consequence of the raid, the Palestinian Authority announced it would cease cooperation with the Israeli government due to the outcome.

In response, rockets were fired from Gaza in which the Israeli authorities retaliated.

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