House of EL demonstrates the craft of emotion on ‘Tonight’

Self-described ‘multi-faceted’ writer unleashes a thing of beauty.

House of EL (real name Kieron McIntosh) has produced an appetising work of music that goes beyond the possibilities of just the release of a song, in an expression of identity saturation and the chase for validation via a world of peer pressure.

Tonight is reminiscent of ’90s Brit soul with a video to matchmake the vibe of an extraordinary recording. The song speaks to the many voices we all encounter within a soiled world. In the the order of our current circuit, where we live to not be ourselves (at least that is how I take it), copying each other almost verbatim, it’s hard to feel seen at all. This creates a world of uncertainties and the chase for a value in something that isn’t quite us. This design offers only unpleasant feelings, and House of EL creates something remarkably close to underlining such emotion.

Speaking on his latest piece of art, House of EL said: “Tonight’ touches on the current age we live in and have lived through, at a high level I think there is so much noise going on that it’s hard to hear yourself think with all that’s going on in the world and at a granular level I think it’s touching on the fact that we all essentially want to feel appreciated and seen… or I guess loved. The video further tells the story… I just want to tell stories and make you think but this one – I want you to dance too.”

Tonight isn’t a hard sell to us considering the axe we hang over the identity-stealing void we know as social media (internet, you’re alright though), and how it is delivered and documented speaks in a productive way. It is an uplifting validation of the commotion surrounding us in an age where no one knows what the fudge is going on. It’s a great anthem for the need to cut through the mess of mixed messaging that more often than not makes us feel inadequate.

Video below:

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