Rakz is ‘Fully Charged’ on high dose single

Rapper produces a rhythm of Hip-Hop not heard of in a while.

It has been a while since the UK scene dropped a high quality song. There’s an entirely different type of swagger from Rakz on Fully Charged, which includes a dance of intent and lyrical glare from the rapper. From the beat, which slaps with a touch of West-coast influence, to the flow which strays from the copycat deliveries on offer by the rest of the UK scene, it refuses to be tamed by trends and walks its own positively stubborn path.

Rakz shows a superior understanding of rehearsal, delivery and the pageantry of presentation and broadly speaking, he has learnt a lot from his past offerings (which, don’t get me wrong are fire). But here, he has shown a capability rarely demonstrated in the UK Hip-Hop scene which is the ability to transcend from understanding the medium in order to execute a polished flow.

A large green tick should be struck against this one, because it’s on repeat this side of the Thames. Hopefully an album is up next?

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