Interview: K Charms on influences, family and ‘Dear Listeners’

In an age of mumble rap and other undesirable traits, K Charms stands out from the crowd.

Photography: Ty Faruki

The UK Hip-Hop scene is often tainted by a rather picky outsider listening audience with a close circle from the culture often more forgiving when it comes to the appreciation of particular artists. Finding your niche is a difficult task, but K Charms seems to have found a way to please a wide spectrum of Hip-Hop heads and genre foreigners alike.

Having released his sophomore EP Dear Listeners to acclaim from critics, he is now on the way to slapping down a formidable rank within the culture. We caught up with the beat charmer to ask him about his new release and what comes next for the mic wrangler.

SL: Where did it all start and what inspired you to enter the game?

KC: Growing up in East London, I was surrounded by music, especially Hip-Hop. My Dad was a rapper/ producer back in the day and some of my earliest memories are of him creating music. However, it wasn’t till years later I caught the bug. I was fascinated by the raw emotion and lyrical prowess of 90s rap icons like Nas, Jay Z, and Biggie. I was inspired by their storytelling and ability to paint vivid pictures with their words. I knew then that I wanted to do the same. I wanted to bring my own experiences, struggles, and perspectives to the mic and add my voice to the conversation. That’s how it all started for me.

SL: What inspires you to write? Are there specific prompts that push you to create?

KC: As a writer, I am inspired by a diverse array of artistic forms, like documentaries, music, paintings, and films. I often find inspiration simply by observing the world around me. Usually a particular situation or circumstance that calls for change or a different perspective will be the driving force behind a new song

SL: How long has Dear Listeners been in the works and who were the main producers working on it?

KC: Dear Listeners is the result of hard work over the last few years, it’s a compilation of experiences and priceless lessons learned as I’ve grown into the man I am today. My Dad executive produced the project and helped with artist direction. Mainly youtube producers were used for this one.

SL: Is there a specific track that resonates with you?

KC: Keep Dreaming resonates with me, I wrote that during a tough period and was searching for some inspiration, little did I know that it would come from within, that’s the stand out track for many and I understand why, sometimes all we need is a reminder to put our chin up and keep dreaming you know?

Keep dreaming by K Charms

SL: You’ve been on quite the promo round, what was it like and how was your music received?

KC: My music has been received with open arms by listeners and for that I am grateful, so early on in my journey too. I am lining up some good moves and the promo will only get better, hopefully this is a sign of better things to come.

SL: How would you pitch your music to someone who isn’t into Hip-Hop?

KC: Well if they’re into life then they can find a way to connect with my music, same way a painter appeals to those of us who can’t paint, their ability to pull from reality and depict emotion with a brush and some colour is the same way I can use sound and words to create vivid imagery that shares vulnerable truths between us all.

SL: Your father gives you a lot of feedback. What’s the best advice he’s given and how did you follow it?

KC: Over the years our relationship has grown from strength to strength, I was around 14/15 when I first started and he would give me guidance, daily. His patience and dedication to seeing me become a great artist is admirable and the priceless wisdom I’ve gained just from having him around is irreplaceable. The best advice I have received from him is to put in the hard work and everything else will come, consistency is everything.

SL: Which of your songs do you prefer to perform and why?

KC: I love performing Keep Dreaming, the crowd’s reaction is so wholesome every time, without fail. It’s almost as if they wrote it with me. The message is so powerful and I think that’s why people connect with it so well

SL: Which rhymer is on your cards to collaborate with ?

KC: I’d love to collaborate with Ghetts, Dave, Little Simz. I’ve watched all of their careers blossom over the last few years and I can only aim to do the same, rapping alongside them would be a significant moment for me and I believe I can achieve it when the time is right.

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