Nemahsis unveils uptempo return in ‘I wanna be your right hand’

Singer reveals there is more to her than what she introduced us to.

Switching from R&B to Pop, Nemahsis shows she’s far more than a one genre pony by extending her vocals to another style of music.

With an incredible video to complement her new drop, Nemahsis opts for interpretative movement as opposed to more conventional visuals. Directed by Norman Wong & Amy Gardener, it sees the singer (real name Nemah Hasan) dancing in an erratic method of movement.

Speaking about the track, the Canadian artist said: “I feel small in a relationship if i’m not put to use. i need you to need me. if i’m not helping cross off your to-do list then how am i a priority? acts of service is the only way i can gauge my own self value. it’s consuming, but it also happens to be my own love language. i scratch your back, you scratch mine.”

Video below:

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