Pregnant Florida woman argues her unborn child is unlawfully imprisoned

Natalia Harrell was sentenced in her first trimester.

Lawyers representing a 24 year old pregnant woman, who is awaiting trial, in Florida for a fatal shooting contend her unborn child has not received proper care. Natalia Harrell’s lawyers say their client has lacked “…reasonable and necessary prenatal care”. However, technically it is not the mother petitioning the sentence but her unborn child. The petition is titled: “Petitioner unborn child’s writ of habeas corpus petition.”

The petition campaigning on behalf of the unborn child says: “UNBORN CHILD seeks immediate release from custody of and detention by Respondents in order to: (1) receive necessary immediate medical care and treatment from the OB-GYN physician at Jackson Hospital; (2) be free from unlawful and illegal detention by Respondents; (3) avoid entering the world on the concrete floor of the prison cell and without the medical care and treatment by competent physicians and nurses; and avoid being subject to disparate and adverse treatment by Respondents; and (4) avoid being placed in an inherent dangerous environment at the county detention center which subjects UNBORN CHILD to serious bodily injury or death.”

The lawyer for 24 year old Natalia Harrell, William Norris said: “A person has constitutional rights and one of them is the right not to be deprived of liberty without due process of law.”

Ms Harrell shared a taxi with Gladys Yvette Borcela via Uber and is accused of fatally wounding her.

Mr Norris argues Ms Harrell acted in self defence because she feared for her safety and “the life of her unborn child”. In an urgent petition, Mr Norris says his client has lacked essential nutrition and care, including access to properly vented vehicles. At one point, Ms Harrell claims she remained stationery in a transportation van at temperatures of 38 Celsius.

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