Saïna – “I won’t Take It Personal” is a powerful R&B rendering for hindsight

Smooth Samba and an acoustic-influenced song form the perfect theme for a post-valentine soundtrack.

The strong and soulful voice of Saïna teams up with producer Tebi’s Late and Hakeem to produce and write a soft-focused musical number centred on the narrative of playfully letting go of the fixtures of a love gone wrong.

Described as a blend of Bossa Nova and Alternative R&B, the song features the easily identifiable vocals and distinct style of the London-based singer-songwriter. Rather than provide us with the typical R&B pines of a love lost, the artist formulates a jubilant laughing-off for uncovering the betrayal of a subpar love interest.

Overall, I Won’t Take it Personal provides the listener with a somewhat different listen. Coupled with the soulful vocals of a singer on the rise, Saïna’s choice of music has given yet another reason to hit the subscriber button on Apple Music & Spotify.

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Listen below:

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