Hot take: There has never been a year that Jay-Z was the hottest in the game

Youtuber highlights an intriguing analysis by a commentator who echoes what many already think about Jay-Z.

Popular YouTuber Stevie Knight propped up the opinion of a TikTok user who recites year by year, who was considered the hottest, best-selling rapper in the game. But of course, if you are a die-hard Hip-Hop head and understand the culture and every micro-degree of it, you already know there are better rappers out there than Jay-Z.

Is Jay-Z the best rapper ever?

There is no doubt Jay has had a significant impact on Hip-Hop, but his skill level in no way mirrors that of a great. From 2Pac to Biggie and Ludacris, our Hip-hop scholar rolls off the tongue, every year Jay-Z released an album, and who swept it for most sales.

But before you dig into the exploits of a man who has exploited others, spare a moment to think about the greatest rappers who have never and/or rarely have their name mentioned as one of the GOATs. From Black Thought, Rass Kass, Melanin 9 and Ghostface Killah, to Andre 3000, Crooked I and MF DOOM, there is a plethora of mic slayers out there. They may not have had the impact of the best-selling, but they sure have scared more than we can count. Watch the video below:

Photo courtesy of Mikamote

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