“Hip-Hop lives” – Jay Royale & Styles P release new video for ‘End Game’

Jay Royale and Styles P reveal a quintessential Hip-Hop video for 2023.

The definition of Hip-Hop videos is now available courtesy of some of the game’s best rappers and producers.

On so many occasions have we remarked on the power and prowess of Jay Royale. But this time, strength in numbers is an immovable rock formation.

Jay Royale & Styles P are flawless in new music video for ‘End Game’

The Baltimore rapper who is highly respected and lauded for his incredible attention to detail with both flow and content teams up with his contemporary who, unlike a lot of MCs, is also concerned with the aforementioned criteria. End Game is a track that sorts pretenders from the kings, validating that effort goes a long way when the craft of rhyme is concerned.

Hip-Hop is good when it’s good, but have you ever heard a rapper spit in such a way that their flow hypnotises you into a state whereby you keep hitting the repeat button? No? Then listen to Jay Royale and Styles P’s latest, because from then on there is no doubt you will know what real Hip-Hop is.

The production was made possible by the abilities of Ray Sosa who really does repurpose the golden years of Hip-Hop for an age that can appease the most difficult of people. With cuts by DJ Crypt and a cinematically produced video by Gee, you are in for one of the most atmospheric experiences for 2023 so far.

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Jay Royale | Styles P | Ray Sosa | DJ Crypt

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