What is a niche anymore? | Has our excitement for the once unique dampened?

Everyone is doing something and everything. So does it surprise you to hear someone speak about their hobby anymore?

I am a “knitter”, “model”, “photographer”, “entrepreneur”, “videographer” “singer”, “musician”, “rapper”, “singer”, “vegan”, “social media manager”, “writer”, “painter”, “graphic designer”, “gamer”, “collector of…”. I am sure you have heard one of the above mentioned at some point in your life, and as a consequence, are unfazed by the prospect of someone telling you. Perhaps there is even a little eye-rolling going on in the process?

Yes, the world became smaller and we know why, so there is no point diving into that can of worms. But while we tug on the string, will there come a point where we all have hobbies that become traits or phases rather than exciting niches? There is an abundance of activities to peruse, and the arms tend to reach for what we know of already. With the option to indulge in a little bit of narcissism via TikTok or Instagram, the number of people influenced to take up whatever they have watched will slowly narrow the tunnel for its uniqueness. So, where have all the niches gone and are there any left?

Perhaps some do exist, but action to undertake them comes at a price – the long game of patience and education. This is something many of the aforesaid require to some degree, but as we move into the scope of tapered slits, the difficulty in mastering them ventures into a steep abode.

Wowing someone is not as easy as it once was, but the craft of doing that lies solely in the art of what it is you are up to.

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