Interview: Freya Beer on her album, influences and upcoming shows

Rock artist Freya Beer opens up about work and her jam-packed schedule of gigs this year.

Delicately fishing the music seas for gold, we often turn up valuable trinkets of artistry. This time though, we netted a goldmine of work in the shape of Freya Beer, an Indie Rock singer-songwriter from London putting forward unique music with breathtaking vocals. We spoke with Freya about her work and what is to come.

SL: You have an intriguing style of sound, where would you say your influences stem from?

FB: Thank you! I’m very picky with how I want to percieve the work I put out. The majority of my influences come from visual mediums such as film/tv and art.

SL: I have been told that your inspirations are taken mostly from literature, are there any specific works that motivate you to create?

FB: Charles Bukowski was one of the first writers I discovered when I was young and just dipping my feet into the world of literature. When I came across his poem ‘So you want to be a writer?’, it was a moment I really connected to the words and it really inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams.

SL: Your album Beast is an incredible undertaking, how did it come about and what was the process like working on it? (where was it recorded etc)

FB: Thank you! I’m very proud of it. The whole album naturally fell into place with regards to the theme both musically and visually. It was recorded during COVID, I was in Dorset recording guitar and vocals, my drummer Owain Hanford was in Hereford, and Peter Hobbs, who produced, mixed and played on the album, was in London. It was an unexpected situation but it was also a good learning experience as I was able to expand my skills for recording by myself.

SL: Considering its unique sound, do you feel you are appreciated within particular communities?

FB: Most of the time yes. 

SL: Your new single ‘Fantasy’ is out soon, what is the story behind it?

FB: The single is dropping 14th April and I can’t wait! The backstory of the song is about exploring who you really are, experimenting with certain things. Falling for temptations. 

SL: Will it be a promo for a new album or EP? If not, can we expect another soon?

FB: At the moment, I’m just focusing on releasing singles. 

SL: What does Freya like to do in her spare time? (feel free to discuss anything unrelated to music)

FB: In my spare time I like to go out with friends or visit art galleries etc.

SL: Your music videos have a wide array of inventive aesthetics, how do you view your work and how do you want your fans to perceive it?

FB: As mentioned previously, I’m very picky with how I want to portray myself in music videos, particularly when it comes to visual aesthetics as that’s a huge part of my work. But when it comes to my fans perspective, my work is open to interpretation. It’s always interesting to hear how people see my work from an outside point of view.

SL: Do you have any gigs coming up that your listeners should know about and where can we see you perform next?

FB: Yes! Here are all my upcoming shows –

MAR 29, 2023 WED | The Old Blue Last @ 8:00 PM |Shoreditch, United Kingdom

APR 29, 2023 SAT |Heartbreakers @ 7:00 PM | Southampton, United Kingdom

MAY 13, 2023 SAT |Gullivers @ 7:00 PM Manchester, United Kingdom

MAY 14, 2023 SUN | The Golden Lion @ 7:30 PM, Todmorden, United Kingdom

MAY 21, 2023 SUN |Colours Hoxton @ 2:00 PM

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