Freya Beer’s rock reign continues on new single ‘Fantasy’

New song furthers the singer’s credentials within the indie-rock scene.

Photo credit: Ty Faruki

Be ready for the sting of Beer’s string of single releases this year as she perpetuates her predisposed ideas for enchanting rock music. This week, the singer releases new single Fantasy along with a b-side track.

The allure of the London based artist’s style promotes a continuity among her fans. Nothing is lacking, and listeners will be asking for more of her work despite a two track single on her latest release.

Crooning guitar work blended over soft melodies of great lyrical presentation bode an incredibly well-polished canvas of individualistic sound, complimented by facets of multi decade additions. It is, by definition the addendum to a successfully executed album – and we want more.

Fantasy is out now on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music & Spotify.

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