‘Real Back In Style’ Review: Potter Payper embodies authenticity in a world of mass hysteria

Potter Payper’s latest release is an incredible effort lined with motive and bars.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Chock full of rhythmic rhyme schemes and a flow as natural as they come, Potter Payper, real name Jamel Bousbaa, has differentiated himself from trending cycles by providing a style distinct from his contemporaries.

The industry has been inundated with a flurry of artists that appear to be close copies of the last artist’s attempt that walked through the door inspired by social media noise. Payper though, is anything but that – elevating himself above a mottled sounding benchmark to offer authentic insights into a life tormented by his own past.

It unravels a cycle of personal histories and its cumulative effects where he staunchly stands by the vivid annunciation of materials collected over the years in the form of inspirations stencilled into its release.

Intrinsic to Real Back in Style, is its music production curation, which, unlike many UK Hip-Hop artists, opens a wide breadth of interest from a number of potential listeners, shunning gloomy undesirable horror sounding notes.

The artist has demonstrated well that he knows how to please himself and at the same time several scopes of tastes. This album places Potter firmly up there on a list of greats.

Real Back in Style is available on all major streaming platforms and is published by Def Jam.

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