Jords releases a real Hip-Hop gem in the shape of ‘Dirt In The Diamond’

With UK music taking a tumble, Hip-Hop’s lifeline needs a jolt too. Thanks to Jords, there are symptoms of improvement in the genre.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

One of the game’s most promising talents understands his craft well and rolls out the red carpet for what he is capable of. As the first rapper to be signed to the UK outlet of Motown Records, his credentials are all but verified having been locked down by the legendary label.

Jords: Drill vs Grime (featuring Lil’ Sykes)

Packed full of well-planned and choreographed songs that include the already released ‘Drill vs Grime’ featuring Lil’ Sykes, Jords caters to a wide variety of music lovers, especially those in closely related genres. While it may not be a purist’s dream, it certainly provides enough venom for one to bop their head to. If you’ve followed Jords from the get-go, you will be privy to his journey as an artist and the gravity of his skill.

Rice & Ps is a relaxed variant of what today’s scene deserves, with a throwback element that rides the senses to satisfaction. This is followed up by a more serious song Nervous Riddim featuring Cashh which will no doubt appease those seeking a pensive affluence from this album and it checks out to good regard. The star-spangled features don’t stop there though, as the artist lines up Wretch 32, Miles, and Mrs Chambers for iPray in succession.

Jords: iPray (Featuring Wretch 32, Miles & Mrs Chambers)

Fist In The Sky chisels out a piece that encapsulates a notion only the listener can feel, with lines like “diamond from the pressure yeah you know we been depressed” and “the city is on fire no one to admire, everybody’s a preacher, no one’s in the choir, everyone’s a seller, nobody’s a buyer”. Driven by snares that feel autonomous and alive, Jords’ seal and lyrical stamp place a firm lift of engagement on a flagship song that deserves everyone’s attention.

With an album that has something for everyone comes a banger for the night in Stay Close, a collaboration with Kranium, closely followed by a night-after track in MoBay featuring Tay Iwar.

Dirt In The Diamond is filled with enough bangers and classics to be considered one of the best this year, with a plethora of decent features and well-paced songs of good duration. It ticks all the boxes and furnishes a mixed bag of listeners with something they can all agree on: that this is dope.

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